Sickness and quarantine - refugees directed to Porto D'esilio

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Sickness and quarantine - refugees directed to Porto D'esilio

Post by Rias » Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:06 am

A sickness has been going around in Shadgard, filling the infirmary with patients and baffling local physickers. The disease appears to be highly contagious, and individuals showing symptoms are being held in quarantine in attempts to prevent a wider outbreak. Panic is increasing as some worry about a resurgence of the Aetgardian Plague, and there has been talk of closing the gates of Shadgard to all until more can be learned about the situation.

People stuck on the outside are being advised to make their way to the port town of Porto D'esilio for a safe place to live until further notice. To help alleviate some of the burden of the situation, adventurers, caravaners, and mercenaries alike are coming together to provide refugees with safe passage to Porto D'esilio. Where it is deemed safe, Shadgard is cooperating in the shipping of bank funds and vault contents as well.


I'm starting moving people over to Porto D'esilio, and Shadgard will be closed until further notice. Bank funds and vault contents are being moved over too, as are market goods. The above blurb should help provide RP reasons as to why everyone is moving and Shadgard is becoming inaccessible.

Individual farms will be the same on the Porto side, so farmers who've worked on their fields, built structures, bought livestock, etc. will still have it all. I don't really have an RP solution for that, other than to suggest that you got your livestock out in time and had it brought over with a caravan, then replanted your fields, and some generous builders rebuilt your stuff for you to help get back on your feet after the tragic situation in Shadgard.

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