Shadgard Warrior Guild Re-Opens

A mining settlement and haven for freedom-seeking exiles, recently beginning to embrace gas and steam technologies. Occult practices are viewed with suspicion, sorcery specifically being outright illegal.
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Shadgard Warrior Guild Re-Opens

Post by Rias » Tue Mar 29, 2022 6:42 pm

As posted on the Shadgard Commons board:


The Shadgard chapter of the Warrior Guild has been closed for a time while being investigated due to rumors of sorcery lessons being give on the sly there. The Guild gave its full cooperation in the investigation and the offending teacher was apprehended and sent to serve time in jail for breaking Shadgard law forbidding the practice and teaching of sorcery within its town walls. That matter now being settled, the Shadgard Warrior's Guild is proud to once again be serving the town's Warrior Guild members!


The Shadgard chapter of the Warrior Guild was a very early addition to COGG to get Warriors on their feet when Stormholdt didn't yet exist. This explains why all Warrior classes could train all their skills there (including Sorcery - whoops!) and why the supply shop sold anomalum chalk (some Warrior classes had direct access to glyphs as abilities back then, preceding when several glyphs and arcana became more generally available to all at the Library). Having the Guild closed when it was publicly pointed out that sorcery was being taught there (to Nightblades specifically) was a fun development that generated lots of interesting roleplay and allowed us to once again highlight Shadgard's issues with sorcery.

Since the Guild was closed off for a while as a result, we decided to take the opportunity to spruce it up a bit before reopening!

- All the rooms are now described. Special thanks to Irylia for providing descriptions, she is amazing!
- The Cafeteria now sells more than just hardtack. Go try the quiche!
- The Supplies & Repairs area now sells a few items, but no longer sells anomalum chalk. The supplies are meant to be minimal, as we want members to go to Stormholdt for the main supply of weapons and armor.
- The skill training area now only offers training for the general Warrior Guild skills (Melee, Ranged, Armor, Dodge, Shield), rather than class-specific skills. Again, we want people going to Stormholdt for the real meat of Warrior Guild stuff. (Sorry, this one probably shouldn't be classified as "sprucing up," I'm sure it's a bummer for some.)
- The Guildmaster's Office is now locked! But you can look forward to it being unlocked again when we have things to settle in there, like dues and promotions!

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Re: Shadgard Warrior Guild Re-Opens

Post by Edoras » Tue Mar 29, 2022 6:46 pm

Code: Select all

(You recall that you have 6 items in for repairs here. You can check on the repair status if you wish.)

>>Eng E:548 B:5 Enc:2 Mrl:+4.42 Ntr:59% Exp:114%
You inquire with an attendant for any items you have in for repairs ...
   an alder-hafted iron warhammer (ready to retrieve)
   a pine-hafted copper warhammer (ready to retrieve)
   a pine-hafted copper pickaxe (ready to retrieve)
   a pine-hafted copper pickaxe (ready to retrieve)
   a fine pine-hafted steel pickaxe (ready to retrieve)
   a pine-hafted copper shovel (ready to retrieve)

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Re: Shadgard Warrior Guild Re-Opens

Post by Talyn » Wed Mar 30, 2022 2:52 pm

I just want to say I love the new additions! I haven't really used Shadgard's Warrior room because Stormholdt is amazing. The new things you can find and the food. I simply adore! Thank you
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