Church's Light Chamber restored!

A mining settlement and haven for freedom-seeking exiles, recently beginning to embrace gas and steam technologies. Occult practices are viewed with suspicion, sorcery specifically being outright illegal.
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Church's Light Chamber restored!

Post by Rias » Mon Nov 22, 2021 1:15 am

As can be read on the town post board:

"The Shadgard chapter of the Church of Light is pleased to announce that the Light Chamber, east of the Chapel, has at last been cleared of cave-in debris, the ceiling skylights replaced, and the cavern structure inspected and certified safe by the Shadgard Mining Company. Visitors are welcome to come enjoy the cavern's natural beauty at any time."


To most it'll be a few new rooms to look at. To a few it'll hopefully help satisfy some of that nostalgic pining for things lost, even if it's a little different now. I know the church area just didn't ever feel quite complete to me before without this, so I was really happy to toss it in.

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Re: Church's Light Chamber restored!

Post by Candelori » Tue Nov 23, 2021 9:00 pm

This is a beautiful alternate version of the room it was based on. I very much appreciate its familiarity and the opportunity to visit this version of a place that was very special to me in the past. Thank you for doing this.
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