Letter to Tor, regarding the workyard

A mining settlement and haven for freedom-seeking exiles, recently beginning to embrace gas and steam technologies. Occult practices are viewed with suspicion, sorcery specifically being outright illegal.
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Letter to Tor, regarding the workyard

Post by Teri » Wed Sep 08, 2021 2:20 am

Greetings, Tor

I hope this letter find ye well. I took up a bit o' metal casting recently, and after observing the workyard, it has made me dust off me books and glasses. The workyard has been getting crowded and a second location and furnace may be helpful. After speaking to some metal workers and smiths often working there, one location could be used for repairs and customers, while the other would be for those only looking to craft. Additionally, seems a scale for weighing ingots or whatnot would cut out some guesswork.

In me homeland of Khaldea, often there were workshops with a row of forges heated by a single blower, through pipes directed into the furnaces with nozzles and valves which could be opened or closed. This allowed smiths to control or hut off heat. It would take much metal casting of copper for the tubes, plenty of pipes running water to cool them, and more copper or glass for the core of the nozzle, and of course riln. Many expressed interest or willingness to contribute, meself included. With this letter is a few diagrams of exactly what I attempted to describe.
Thank ye kindly, Hreidun

ooc note, heyyy sorta not diagrams but here ya go, below are links to exactly what I was thinking of, inspired by the Manual of Blacksmithing from 1902, specifically pages 10 and 11, and a comparison research paper about tuyers (pipes) being used for blast furnaces, and which material was better within the cores of the pipes. (I say second location because the in game description makes it seem super crowded.)
http://www.memory.loc.gov/service/gdc/s ... 2001ma.pdf

https://research.tees.ac.uk/ws/portalfi ... bility.pdf

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