Shadgard smithy to build steam crusher (and the new DONATE command)

A mining settlement and haven for freedom-seeking exiles, recently beginning to embrace gas and steam technologies.
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Shadgard smithy to build steam crusher (and the new DONATE command)

Post by Rias » Sun May 02, 2021 4:21 pm

Rumors are flying around Shadgard about Tor, owner of the local smithy, and Fahima, one of the Lost Lands' most accomplished engineers, working on a project to add a steam-powered crusher to the smithy for aid in crushing ore-bearing stone. While the engineer herself will be handling the intricate designing and machinery building, donations are opened for local smiths to help provide copper pipes, pipe fittings of all types, and plug-valves to help get the smithy hooked up to Shadgard's steam network. Donations can be made at Tor's smithy workyard.

Further rumors suggest that these efforts may mark the start of improvements to Shadgard's more advanced infrastructure.


Our first project to try out the new DONATE command! Any metalworkers out there, now's your chance to say you contributed to a nifty upgrade to the smithy.

When using the DONATE command in a room flagged for donations (look for "donate" next to the room name), you'll get a list of the item types it's possible to donate. The "need" of each item will be either High or Low. High means the project does not have enough to be completed. Low means the project has enough of that particular item type, but people who may have produced items to donate but didn't get around to actually donating until after the need was already met can still donate and get in on any credit for contributions.

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