Traps in places

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Traps in places

Post by nobody » Sun Jan 03, 2021 9:19 pm

Rias, game channel, 12/23/2020 wrote:I'd love to set up a "dungeon" where getting to the vault is dangerous and difficult and requires a group with a variety of different skills. Then you have people getting groups together every so often to get access to the glyphs (and maybe some other goodies) inside. Easier said than done, but it's fun to think about
I'd love to see something like this with room traps and portal traps, in addition to critters.
  • Room traps could be set to trigger some seconds (like 15 ish) after entering a room, and grant a passive chance to notice them before they go off based on perception + locksmithing, plus a chance to find them with searching. Attempting to disarm them would immediately attempt to "pause" the timer, and then normal lengthier roundtime to disarm the trap completely.
  • Portal traps that trigger when people "go door", again with a chance for passive noticing or finding them via search.
Pit traps for falling/spike damage that drop you into an instanced room and must be climbed out of (but can be aided with lowered rope as usual). Poison dart traps, alarm traps that draw critters, alchemical fire traps, arrow/crossbow bolt/javelin/spear traps, swinging blade/bludgeon/spike traps, etc would all be great fun.

Between the critters and traps that'd make adventurers and warriors quite useful at have along at least.

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