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Re: Changelog

Post by Rias » Sat Aug 17, 2019 2:48 pm

- Moderate wounds no longer heal over time without treatment.
- Untreated minor wounds now take twice as long to heal on their own.
- Rooms that offer skill practice study opportunities are now indicated with the word "study" next to the room name.
- All instances of damage dealt now default to a cap of 250.
- Casting ranged attack spells from hiding now counts as a form of Stealth practice.
- Being hidden in a room where someone is searching now builds up some Risk for the hider.
- It is now possible to ATTACH labels to other items. Labels can be purchased at post offices and general stores.
- Player character death now causes experience loss, sanity loss, morale loss, and the character's items to be left on their corpse for later recovery.
- Taruekan citizens will now dutifully attempt to keep their town gates closed and locked.
- Two new means of entering the town of Tarueka have been added for those without skill in locksmithing.
- A character's wounds will no longer disappear when logging out.
- Choke and suffocation effects should no longer affect creatures that lack the need to breathe.
- Fixed a bug preventing energy cost on some spells.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing outdoor lighting from changing based on time of day.
- Fixed a bug with the remaining skill study cooldown display.
- A target that is sitting, kneeling, or lying down no longer has a chance to outright fend off attacks via weapon reach.
- AIMing for a specific hit location now works for both melee and ranged combat, and adds one second of roundtime to attacks.
- Unconscious targets are no longer able to defend against ranged attacks.
- Ranged attacks from hiding will now cause bystander NPCs to become temporarily paranoid and search the room.
- Occult projectile defense is now properly penalized if the target is sitting or lying down.
- Successful ambushes (attacks from hiding) once again push down target defense, and now show how much defense was pushed down in the combat rolls text, indicated by a negative number and exclamation point. Example: Dodge(89-33!+d0):56
- Fixed a bug that caused ranged attacks to be parryable when they shouldn't be.
- Ranged attacks now cause a much shorter version of the "Under Attack" effect on the target than that of melee attacks.
- Ranged attacks with projectiles that have ferrous head materials (such as iron) now properly do alchemical damage to nethrim.
- The "wicker sandals" weaving/bushcraft recipe has been added.
- The "lithic sawteeth" bushcraft recipe is now available.
- Lithic sawteeth can now be ATTACHed to antlers to make a sawtooth sickle, which can be used for harvesting applicable crops or forage similar to a scythe.
- Large bones and antlers can now be used as knapping tools.
- The obsolete CRAFT command has been updated to list various crafting skills and suggest that the user use the HELP command for more info on any of them.
- The pay for on-duty physickers bandaging and applying ointments to flesh wounds has been reduced.
- Mobs should no longer enter and get stuck in dark areas.
- Mobs should no longer spawn in a room if they can't see in said room.
- Several medium-sized humanoid creatures are no longer missing their necks.
- Added a note telling the player that it is possible to ERASE occult diagrams in the output of a few draw commands.
- Physickers can now learn the Basic Therapy ability.
- Physickers can now learn the Sanity Therapy ability.
- Physickers can now learn the Motivation Therapy ability.
- Physickers can now learn the Reflection Therapy ability.
- Physickers can now learn the Group Therapy ability.
- Members of the Scholar Guild may now choose the Warlock class specialization.
- It is now possible for Scholar classes to STUDY their primary focus skills in their training areas for some experience and practice ranks.
- Added usage syntax to the description of the Soul Detection ability.