Hag's Bags is open!

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Hag's Bags is open!

Post by Rilulth » Wed May 13, 2020 6:22 pm

An elderly woman unhitches her two large horses and leads them into the stable, tipping the stablehand well as he leads them off. Returning to her wagon, she picks out her pendant from her clutch purse with a wrinkled nose and focuses on it.

"A-hem-hem. Bags for sale! Come get yer bags! Many types! Find my wagon in the canyon! If'n I sell enough, I might be willing to tailor some more in a few days. Bags for sale!"

Muttering to herself, she returns the pendant to her clutch and settles in her stuffed chair, pulling out a current project to continue.

A small bag shop is open for players to visit and buy from! On Friday, I will be around for more custom alterations and orders (within reason! I will not be making oversized knapsacks that can hold a shield, 50 loaves of bread, a small child and a horse).

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