Octum is here - get charmseeking!

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Octum is here - get charmseeking!

Post by Rias » Tue Oct 08, 2019 11:03 pm

I'm a little behind schedule, but Octum is here and the most basic of festivities are ready: Head to the costume tent on Porto D'esilio's Main Street and grab yourself a nethrim costume, put it on, hold a container in hand, and CHARMSEEK around town to receive various treats or trinkets in one of the Lost Lands' most enduring traditions.

I'll add some more costume options and potential charmseeking trinkets over the next few days, but no reason to not start now! If you want to save your hard-earned riln for the fancier costumes that will be available over the next few days, pick up the budget-friendly bedsheet ghost costume to tide you over in the meantime.

Most costumes tend to conflict with the majority of other inventory slots. Don't forget about the OUTFIT and STRIP commands to help manage things. A good place to do this is in your bank vault (type GO VAULT in the bank to enter it), where you'll be sure your stuff is safe on the ground and won't get swiped by anyone else. And of course, you can strip and change without worry of an indecent exposure charge.

There are a couple rarer items you might get through charmseeking (and more to be added over the coming days), so it's not necessarily all tiny treats and trinkets.

And for those worried about their image or participating in what might seem like childish activities: While some might take a more lighthearted and frivolous approach to costumed charmseeking these days, it originated as a quite somber and serious tradition through which individuals seek ritual protection from the soul-seeking Octum Wraith and its minions. Adults are by no means considered "too old" to participate. For more information on the traditions, see this wiki article on Octum (or type HELP OCTUM in-game).

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