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Customisation Merchant

Post by Rilulth » Thu Jun 10, 2021 12:51 am

On Friday (11th June) I will be bringing a customisation merchant around to make some of your cloth and leather goods pretty. I don't have a definite time yet, but it will be afternoon/early evening game time.

I won't be making new items for anyone this run, so please order from your local PC tailor/leatherworker! These are fancy designs only, I won't be adding anything that gives a mechanical benefit like closable pockets/sheaths, sneaky shoes, etc.

I can do long descriptions for when you look at the item directly and short ones that will show when you look at someone, such as "an wool scarf embroidered with a golden sun." I'd appreciate it if you have descriptions ready, but don't worry too much if you don't, I'm perfectly capable of throwing something together :)

Depending on time, it'll be one item per player. If I have time to do more, I will after everyone has had a turn.

I'll add this from Discord as well:
Kaiju — Today at 01:41
What are the rules on changing kind of components? Like, got a coat with copper buttons but want bone?
...I always make things complicated. Haha

Rilulth — Today at 01:43
I'll have to clear that one with Rias (and find out how to change a physical component piece!) but I could always phrase it as bone inlaid copper buttons or something.

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