Druidry abilities and sanity maintenance

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Druidry abilities and sanity maintenance

Post by Rias » Thu Nov 12, 2020 2:20 pm

Several druidry abilities now have a sanity maintenance cost, reducing the druid's maximum sanity while active. These sanity costs stack, and some will cause sanity to no longer increase over time but instead slowly tick further down.

What this means is the more druidry abilities one has going at once, the lower one's maximum sanity is going to be. The overall goal here is twofold: Firstly, helping drive home the point that harnessing these primal forces is not especially healthy for the human mind, and that people should have a respectful discomfort and/or fear of using this stuff that is clearly not a natural part of man's domain. Smiling cuddly forest friends helping you clean your house, this ain't. Secondly, the game-mechanics-side goal is that druids can't just run around with every single druidry ability active all the time. This will be felt more when more abilities are released, of course. And as more are released, more balance tweaking will occur.

The sanity loss-over-time effect can be resisted (chance-based) via the Willpower attribute and Meditation skill like other sanity loss effects. The base sanity maintenance costs cannot be resisted in any way.

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