Enhanching Tracking through Sorcery and Blood

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Enhanching Tracking through Sorcery and Blood

Post by Lexx416 » Sun Sep 05, 2021 2:42 pm

Just a rough idea that was inspired by chit-chat with Talyn and Elrond on the discord. It'd be nice if there was an ability that let you place a marker in someone's blood using a specially prepared knife or needle- either willingly (much like the blood collection for Blood Signature), or by attacking with the specific implement. I'd probably have it be a short ritual that needs to be readied ahead of time, similar to the Shadow Familiar spell.

Once that marker is in a target (they shouldn't know it's in there inherently - which is why I lean towards a specially prepared knife, just have it so that the special preparations don't make the knife indistinguishable from a normal knife, dagger, stiletto, etc.), when channeling sorcery and using the TRACK command, you get a message in the room that lets you specifically track that target.

I would have it so you can only have one Marker out on someone at a time, I'd have the duration of the market be dependent on the sorcery skill, with a baseline of like 30-60 minutes, and I'd have it be available to both the Warlock class and the Nightblade class. I could see it being used by folks as an insurance policy (ex - "Here, keep an eye on my blood, so you can follow me if they take me prisoner!") or, obviously, for tracking down targets that have gotten away.
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