General Occult Questions Thread

Discussion about the occult and arcana in general. (Don't call it "magic" if you want to be taken seriously by scholars.)
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General Occult Questions Thread

Post by Maina » Wed Oct 20, 2021 6:02 pm

I often have many occult-themed questions, so I decided to start a thread to consolidate them in one place so I don't spam a great many threads. Others can add their own, maybe? But I'd rather keep this to stuff that aren't like deep lore secrets, but stuff the typical occultist might know.

I was very familiar with almost every scrap of lore dropped on channeling in The Other Game. Rather than make assumptions that anything works at all the same, I had some questions! These are all lore questions, not mechanic ones, for the sake of roleplaying as an occultist of various sorts.

1. How does basic, no-frills channeling work? Is basic, no-frills channeling even a thing, or is it only applied along with a form of magic? I understand there is no such thing code-wise, but I'm talking lore-wise.

2. If there is basic, no-frills channeling, is the method taught/used differently by the different guilds? Or even the different specializations within the different guilds?

3. Once you have the basic channel technique, how does a given occultist actually bring up their specific magic of choice? How does channeling druidry differ from channeling sorcery from the user? Do Arcanists channel? What do they channel?

4. How does each magic feel to use and manipulate? Do druids feel one or more primal beings on the other end of the 'connection' whenever they channel? Do sorcerers hear the nether whispering to them or feel its will tugging at them? Does this change when actively casting or raw-casting?

5. How are actual spells brought into being? Words, rituals, memorized symbols or patterns? Petitioning to some external force to provide the 'data' to be translated by the caster? How does an occultist bring their spell into reality? How does this differ from raw casts, for those who can?

6. How does the nether react to its user? I've seen one ability where it actively enters the user's body; can it choose to not burn on contact, now? Or is there some other explanation for the nether not burning the host? 'help nether' says it's destructive to nearly all types of matter. Is it well-known, or at least known to occultists, what sorts of matter are not destroyed by nether?

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