Odd Armor Level Findings, Thanks to Serity

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Odd Armor Level Findings, Thanks to Serity

Post by Gorth » Sat Jul 30, 2022 1:05 am


As HELP ARMOR LEVEL states, "Generally speaking, wearing a torso-piece of armor or at least two non-torso pieces of the same class will set the character's Armor Level to correspond to that armor class, with the heaviest armor class taking priority."
It fails to mention that gloves do not appear to count:
Wyrm Scale Vambraces + Padded Gloves = 0
Wyrm Scale Vambraces + Padded Pants = 1

Based on this, the following can be done:
You are wearing the following armor:

head: .... (wood) a painted black pine wraith mask
neck: .... (splint) a carved pine-splinted leather gorget covered in ebony swirls
torso: ... (none)
arms: .... (leather_scale) some fine frosty-white wyrm-scale vambraces
hands: ... (padded) some white wool padded gloves
legs: .... (none)
feet: .... (none)

Overall Armor Level: 0 (None)
The reason this works is because no armor level contains more than one flagging location, gloves do not count to match with wyrm scale because they are gloves. If you put boots of any type on, you would hit that level of encumbrance.

This isn't game breaking in any way, it's just a really odd expoit.
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