Leather scale armor

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Leather scale armor

Post by Rias » Thu Dec 17, 2020 5:05 pm

Leather scale armor has been added! It is the heaviest of the Light Armor category. It can be crafted by your friendly neighborhood PC leatherworker, and requires soft creature scales that can be acquired via skinning certain beasts. There are no plans to make it available off-the-shelf in shops outside potential merchant events here and there, meaning it's mostly up to the players to supply the game with this kind of armor. Stock up the market!

The armor's appearance will display both the creature type and the color based on the scales used to craft it, which can result in some spiffy-looking stuff. Example: "You have finished leatherworking a fine blue wyrm-scale cuirass." Swanky.

Look forward to additional creatures being added around the world that have scales in varying colors, because animal-scale items cannot be dyed.

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