A call for balancing of the warhorse

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A call for balancing of the warhorse

Post by Candelori » Sun Nov 21, 2021 8:33 pm

I very much enjoy my warhorse. I do however feel that they are in dire need of some balancing.

While riding the warhorse, I feel the only real need is to add roundtime to mount maneuvers. As things currently stand, I am able to tell my horse to trample, and then I may immediately follow that with my own attack, including a mounted charge. I am perhaps a little ashamed to admit that I occasionally accomplish this by command-stacking. Making the mount maneuvers incur roundtime for the rider would be an easy solution to this, and if I am frank it seems that it may have been a simple case of accidental oversight that this is not already the case.

However, the more pressing need for balance is when I am not riding my warhorse, but rather have it in my group fighting alongside me. My warhorse will unleash a constant barrage of attacks, causing the target to be knocked down on nearly every attack. This seems to me to be extremely overpowered. I need only wait for my mount to knock down my foe and then make safe and powerful attacks while the target is helpless to retaliate in a timely fashion. As soon as the enemy gets back to its feet, my warhorse will knock it back over. There is simply no sense of danger or effort when I engage in combat this way. I daresay my Guardian's mount is a more effective combatant than its rider. To address this, I might suggest mounts only perform attacks in retaliation to being themselves targeted by attacks. It does not feel right to say that the warhorse feels more effective when not used as a mount.
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Re: A call for balancing of the warhorse

Post by Talyn » Sun Nov 21, 2021 8:38 pm

It needs more roundtime and cooldown time between maneuvers, some can take a while if you charge, then try to trample, however, Horse Kick and Trample go off the cool down of the horse rather then the rider, where as charge is off the Cooldown/Round time of the rider. Which needs some reworking. It's a known issue, and many warhorse riders will leave their mounts outside of the combat zone rather then take the over powered beast in. There's a couple I've seen who will still drag it into the zone with them only to use it as a mobile turret but Rias is working on it. I personally think some of the maneuvers require more character Balance to use. Riding a horse and fighting off it is difficult. Especially charging at a target, I've never done jousting in RL but I've done some barrel racing and other horseback stuff it's not easy.
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Re: A call for balancing of the warhorse

Post by Rias » Mon Jan 10, 2022 12:20 pm

Per the changelog:

- War-trained mounts will no longer auto-attack, but are now slighty more likely to counterattack when threatened (based on the mount's Grit stat).

- Rider-initiated mount attacks (such as having a warhorse kick or trample via the MOUNT command) now causes the rider to experience some roundtime.

The first should prevent warmounts from being utilized as high-skill combat pets rather than mounts. The second should prevent riders from being able to essentially perform two attacks at once (mount command followed immediately by their own attack).

A sellback option is being worked on for those who feel these changes diminish their warhorse so much as to be considered no longer useful.

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Re: A call for balancing of the warhorse

Post by Agelity » Tue May 31, 2022 3:43 pm

Quick resurrecting of this thread to see if there have been thoughts as far as bandaging/tending to injured horses, or if the only method of healing them was to bring them to a stable. As of now if you try to tend to them in any way it requires them to consent to the tending, but if they're your warhorse I'd like to think they'd automatically consent to being healed up by its owner.

All that said, this was really just inspired by my poor warhorse being stuck in a spot I can't remove them from (already filed a bug report for the fleeing issue), so realistically waiting until they die so I can retrieve them was probably my best option short of RNG tilting in my favor. Nonetheless, for the future I'd certainly love to be able to try and heal up my warhorse, or at least bandage them up temporarily until they can be healed up proper (perhaps by those with high enough animal husbandry if we don't wish to utilize the stable's services which can take up to a day).

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