Farming should be ready

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Farming should be ready

Post by Rias » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:57 am

Okay, people should be set for farming. I recommend visiting the wiki page ( or typing HELP FARMING in-game to get some info on how to do stuff. To accommodate farming I've done the following:

- The Department of Agriculture office has been added to Town Hall. This is where you can go to RENT farmland. You can also buy livestock here, but that takes preparation (you need fencing and an animal shelter built on your land).
- Buckets, seeds, and hoes have been added to the General Store. Both Iceberry and Ghostroot will grow in snowy winter conditions, through the power of fantasy. Those with the Farming skill can EXAMINE a seed to see its growing conditions (and will also see them when ORDERing at a store/market).
- If you follow the minecart tracks in Shadgard up the path on the west side of town and then down south and around through a tunnel, you'll get to a back mountain path that goes down to a secluded valley with a communal well for filling your water bucket, and a road you GO to in order to get to your rented farmland.
NOTE: Space is limited on your farm. Tilled land takes up space, as does construction.

Group members will follow you to your farmland. If you want to grant someone access to visit your farmland even without you being around to lead them there, use the ACCESS command. Neat!

Hate going out to the communal well every time you want to fill your water bucket? You can DIG a primitive well on your farm, but it takes a long time to complete. I recommend inviting friends with shovels to help you dig. Once someone with the appropriate skill gets the well started, anyone should be able to DIG it to make progress on it.

It's been a while since I've played with farming, so there may well be some bugs from code changes that have occurred since farming was deemed hunky-dory a while back. Please report them with the BUG command and if they're show-stoppers, you can post them here in this thread as well to make sure I see them.

It's currently possible for PCs to fell trees and process timber and get tools and buy nails and build fencing and an animal shelters on farmland so you can get some animals, and that takes a lot of time and effort. I'm not discouraging that at all, but it can be hard to find PCs with the right skillset to do that for you. I'll be adding a town service soon(ish?)(tm) so NPCs can set you up with basic fencing and the simpler animals shelters (a coop or animal hutch), but it'll be fairly expensive to do so. I think I'm going to leave the larger building work of small and large animal shelters (for goats/sheep and cows, respectively) up to PC action and pray some people hop in soonish with the right skillsets to accommodate that, so the Construction skill can retain some value as a PC skill.
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Re: Farming should be ready

Post by Kiyaani » Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:42 am

First off - thanks for implementing this system. I'm enjoying playing around with it so far. I do have a couple of ideas and questions about the current way farming and animal husbandry are set up based on this thread and some testing I've done in-game though.

1) It seems like seeds have a lot of growing conditions attached to them which on the one hand is very neat, but on the other hand makes growing things a lot more challenging given the fickle nature of the weather. Would it be possible to make an adjustment from direct weather relation for growth, stagnate, thrive, wither to making the seeds seasonal? Each seed type could have a growing season between 3-4 months or possibly some overlap between one or two seasons. If something is planted towards the end of its normal seasonal cycle maybe the crop could still endure but anything planted fresh into the wrong cycle would have issues. I feel this would make the process of farming more forgiving while still keeping the realism of rotation. Especially as farms can only be in one location at present so you cannot choose your ideal growing conditions based on geography. An alternative to this would be to give the seeds more of a range for growth vs stagnate/thrive/wither in the proper conditions so that one bad IRL day doesn't throw things completely off.

2) Do you have any timeframe on when we might have access to crops that produce fibers for textiles such as cotton, flax, hemp etc.?

3) It doesn't appear that the NPC system for animal shelters has been implemented yet, but I've seen a few woodworkers popping up in-game. Would it be possible to add the Construction skill/recipes/training somewhere so that these shelters can be built for potential farmers?

4) Would it be possible to haven an IC way to tell how much space a farm starts with, is left on a farm, or how much of the farm is taken up by current structures and fields? This would be especially helpful pre-building. Something that says "the farm land is currently <barely, moderately, heavily> occupied" or "a building/field this size would take up a <small, medium, considerable> amount of space" or "the farm looks like it could accommodate <# <size> fields/buildings/structures etc.".

5) Can we get some more information about Animal Husbandry and the general requirements posted to the wiki to help facilitate trying this out? The page is currently blank.

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Re: Farming should be ready

Post by Irylia » Sat Oct 26, 2019 1:00 pm

With the recent influx of players trying out both farming and animal husbandry it would be helpful if farm expansions could come into play. Currently if you have all the buildings possible for husbandry you only have enough space for a few plants at best. I know you have a lot on your plate, but would this be something possible in the near future - especially as you continue to work on cooking and ingredients may come into demand?

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Re: Farming should be ready

Post by Irylia » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:54 am

Thanks for all the recent farm work. I really appreciate having space available for plants in addition to animals again :) I know you're still working on cooking so I thought I would throw out some potential cold-weather type seeds that might give us foods to add into the mix.

Sources: ... rm-forage/

Cold-weather plants to potentially put up for sale or to grow wild as seeds/forageables. This should help with adding to recipes when cooking comes out. Some might need new names from the real world equivalent. Show will be in regular text and flavor profile will be in parenthesis.

Kale - Deep green ruffled leaves attach to long,thick stems. (The crisp leaves boast a deep, earthy flavor with just a hint of bitterness.)
Spinach - A cluster of stems shoots tightly together, each topped with a tender bright green leaf that is smooth and spade-shaped. (Tender leaves break down to a slightly sweet flavor that almost melts in your mouth.)
Chard (swiss) - Bright gold and fuchsia stems bear thickly-veined, broad leaves of pale green. (Each leaf balances the sweetness of the stem with a mild bitterness from the leaves to make a crunchy and satisfying bite.)
Mache - The velvety green leaves are thin and tender. (Soft, velvety leaves crunch slightly with crispness, their nutty, herbal flavor playing out with each bite.)
Lettuce (rouge d'hiver) - The head of lettuce forms a natural bouquet of broad leaves in muted red and green. (The leaves have a buttery texture that melts in the mouth, leaving a refreshing taste of mild sweetness.)
Claytonia - The heart-shaped green leaves bear tiny white flowers in each center. (Crunchy stems and smooth green leaves give a mixture of sweet and tart.)
Collards - I got nothin'. Someone else can do this one, haha.

Spring Onions
Sprouts (brussels)

Sweet Birch (apparently you can make alcohol with the sap)

Non-Cold Weather Herbs/spices:
Bay Leaf
Wild lemons
Source of Salt

I got a little lazy on adding descriptions/flavors to the bottom part of the list, but I can edit some in later. I just want to get this out there sooner rather than later now that cooking is in.

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