crafted container mechanics Reformation

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crafted container mechanics Reformation

Post by Navi » Mon May 09, 2022 3:06 pm

The following is a result of a discussion we had on discord earlier today. At its basic level, the idea is to allow crafters, specifically tailors, weavers, and leather workers, to create containers with added security measures. This would hopefully help characters feel comfortable carrying around weapons in sheathes, help crafters feel special, and encourage interactions between characters.

Our discussion spanned many different ideas where we discussed the pros and cons of each. It eventually evolved into the idea to change the adjective for containers from, open and closed, to, secured and unsecured. Additional changes would be the ability to manipulate items in these secured containers at the cost of some additional round time for the action. For example, you have a backpack and it is secured. You are holding an apple, and you put apple in the backpack. The apple goes into the backpack without it being unsecured, and the character experiences two seconds of round time to account for the brief moment of undoing and resecuring it to place the apple within the container.

This manipulation would also affect thievery. The most radical of these being the ability to make an attempt to steal from a secured container. The extra round time experienced by the owner would also be passed on to the would be thief, so a five second attempt now becomes 7 seconds, or more depending on other factors we had discussed. In addition, different types of containers could have varying difficulty levels that apply their modifiers when people use them in conjunction with artifice. This would apply to theft and also palming items into and out of these containers. Crafters could apply increasing levels of security to an item that increases its effectiveness as well as the round time for removing and putting items into it. There could be a basic, moderate, and heavy level of security, with a spread of benefits ranging from increased perception rolls, rerolls, and increased round time for thieves. Some RP flavoring for these added security measures could be things like drawstrings, cinches, buckles, and bells, or just random jangly bits. There were also ideas for general maintenance for these items. So needing to visit a tailor or weaver to have a pouch repaired after a thief tried to cut it free or something.
Some immediate concerns regarding these ideas was the need for there to be adequate targeting mechanics for stealing, the addition of more artifice oriented glyphs and abilities, and casing mechanics to understand the risks involve from making a pull. I personally enjoy having to do some required thinking for situations like this, rather than using a command that just tells me how difficult a pull is going to be. I don’t really have any ideas for casing mechanics at the moment, but maybe that can be a post for another day.
I really hope I captured everything within reason from the discussion earlier. There was a lot of feedback to include. If anybody wants to add something more to this or include something I missed, please do so. Also thank you to Baako, Lex, Serity, Teri, and Tulpa, as well as anybody else I might’ve missed who contributed to the discussion before the post.
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