Making Spare Ridgeleather

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Making Spare Ridgeleather

Post by Talyn » Fri Oct 22, 2021 10:04 am

I bugged this when it first came out and I bug it each time I see it. When you make spare ridgeleather for repairs, it gives you three pieces of spare ridgeleather all of the same size as the original pelt, which is excessive. On top of that I learned today that you actually make less selling said spare ridgeleather on the market.

some average spare wechuge ridgeleather (large) ............ 915 riln

an average raw white wechuge pelt .......................... 415 riln
an average jug of ridgeleather solution ...................... 550 riln

415 + 550 = 965.

You're paying 965 in an item but it sells the final product for 915, while you make multiple pieces of it for profit subtracts the complaint. I do not like using bugs to profit off of. Just thought I would point this out to you.
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