Suggestions for New Traps on Locked Boxes

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Re: Suggestions for New Traps on Locked Boxes

Post by Teri » Mon Sep 13, 2021 5:41 pm

Drinking coffee before I go to work and remembered some ideas to write down. Can't make my characters life boring
  • 1. Narcolepsy needle, random chance to fall asleep until it wears off or an antidote is taken
    2. Poison trap -decreases energy while moving or fighting for a period of time, similar to bleeding but only when moving. Again possible antidote type thing. (I think Keleran suggested poison of some kind when we discussed traps)
    3. A trap that causes slight wounds, shoots needles?
    4. Along similar lines of some type of the noise trap nobody suggested, of drawing enemies, but also maxes out risk (I sometimes pick coffers if the enemies won't go away, if hidden getting knocked unconscious means I remain hidden which is kinda silly and makes the usual needle trap inconvenient more so than dangerous)
    5. Dirt trap- Blinds the locksmith for a period of time when triggered (obvs similar to flash bang, but can't be used against others)
    6. A trap that spawns some kind of nether creature, or a insect. something not dangerous but annoying, could be a trouble while hiding

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