Baako's Backstory

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Baako's Backstory

Post by Talyn » Sun Aug 15, 2021 7:20 pm

This may change here and there but this is what I've wrote for him so far.

My story begins where many others ends. However, before I do I should tell you about myself. My name is Baako Tarik, I hail from the desert of Nuum much like many of my people. Although, I was not one of the lucky. No, I was not gifted with a high class given my image. I suppose my story starts with my home the city of, Clysu. It was a wasn't a small town but it wasn't the largest in the Empire, and it was tucked under one of the larger rivers in Nuum. Clysu was good for it's holding of slave and occult labor, as well as the much needed grains for the country, but my family was among one of the lower castes what family I remember. I was taken from my mother's arms at a young age and used for labor work, scrubbing chamber floors and fanning the mistress of the home I lived in before casted to another family.

This family was different then any other. One of great prestige and power amongst the people of Clysu, House Shakir, they held the image of the Scarab. Many of House Shakir were those of the temples and occult studies. Teos Shakir who was head of the household viewed myself with use. When I became of age of a man at 16 my duties changed from house labor to learning to fight. He viewed my quick wits and study of battle useful for when he traveled through the country. Even to this day I'm unaware of all the doings of this man when he was under my protection. Even though I was a subject of this man I felt at peace and purpose. I did all I could to stay in good graces with him. Including some shady activities.

Around my thirtieth year Teos comes to me with a mission saying it was of great importance and that he will be seeing it personally. House Ishaq of the Laughing Jackal was a competitor of House Shakir. Noble houses tend to hold a deep Competition among themselves to show who is greater then all within the city to please the Emperor of their work. A few years back the Ishaq house grew distasteful with the Shakir almost to the point of drawing blades but it seemed to have cooled off. The reason of conflict was that one of the Ishaq boys made a slight against a Shakir woman and would not apologize. Some ugly words we called during a feast but nothing grew more of it. However, Teos wanted to right the wrong and form a better connection between the two houses.

I was a loyal servant, some were unlucky and hated slavery, and while it was not the life style I hold now it builds character. My Master gave me the a new life, a fresh start. I had a roof over my head, food in my belly, and if I did my job well, women in my bed. However, if I had known what would come in my future in the next months I would have tried to talk him from going. The meeting was held outside of the city for reasons still unknown to me. Perhaps it wasn't my Master's plan and someone else or he was hoping that if things went poorly that they would have gone in his favor. We were both fools. The meeting started and while Teos was speaking talking about the prosperity of both houses and with many other glorious years of competition and good favors between them. Ishaq guards come pouring into the room. I cut down two but it wasn't long before they wounded me and pinned me to the floor. As I was pinned, Kema, Teos' wife came from out of the shadows with a sly grin on her face. She slit Teos' throat with a quick motion. My master clutching his throat pouring crimson blood from it, his wife spoke in a sinister sweet voice, "My dear Teos if only you learned to stayed at home. Oh you poor fool can't you see I was in love with, Jafari, for years. We had an affair even the children are not yours." Rage filled me as I tried to break free but there was nothing I could do but watch my master bleed out. Soon after the witch casted me asside saying I was useless and to be rid of the evidence as quickly as possible. Anywhere not in Nuum.

Unlucky for them they could have taken me to the Brownlands but instead I was on a ship set for the Lost Lands. Not only was I a slave, but now I am an Exile slave if the bar could be set any lower. However, that day did not show me any favors as the guards that were with me still wore the Ishaq symbol. When we got land side they drug me away to some remote place and killed me. Just as I said that is how my story ends with my life ending before my eyes only to be teased with the sweet embrace of death with a new one only in a location I did not know. In an inn I was not familiar with. Only my heritage and my ambition to guide me, so I picked up a sword and swore that I would never be weak again and if I ever see another Ishaq again to not think twice before cutting their throat for what they did to me.
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