Why Dylan Hates Nethrim

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Why Dylan Hates Nethrim

Post by Marcuson » Mon Jul 26, 2021 11:38 am

I got permission from Florenza's player, and I thought I'd share this interaction because I was pleased with how it ended up. I made most of it up on the fly, and some of it was inspired by some videos I watched about the Dutch East India Company. I did fix a few typos. Hope you enjoy reading this!
Speaking to Florenza, you say, "Just after midnight. Suppose I'll tell ya how I came to hate nethrim so much."

Florenza nods to you.

Speaking to you, Florenza says, "I'm listening."

You explain, "I were crewed with a company ship bound to fetch some spices and take 'em up to the Khaldean coast. Merchant ships pay good - if ya live - but the officers and such are some of the most unscrupulous low-down, lyin', dirty dogs ya will ever meet."

Speaking to Florenza, you grimly say, "And the worst of all of 'em is the ship's surgeon."

You continue, "Now, on this particular ship - the Hornblower - the surgeon's name was Weatherford. Ol' Stormy Weather, we called 'im, 'cause half the time it seemed like he had gotten into the rum and was always mutterin' and cursin' to himself."

Florenza nods her head thoughtfully.

Speaking to Florenza, you quietly say, "Well, turns out Weatherford wasn't on the up-and-up. Turns out, as a matter of fact, that he had an agenda of his own, apart from the company business. He would chop off people's arms and legs when they even had so much as a scratch. And what he did with 'em afterward, no one knew."

Florenza winces.

You grimly say, "I know what ya thinkin'. No, lass, I fear it's even worse than that. Ya see, he were a sorcerer."

Florenza nods.

Speaking to Florenza, you say, "Nobody knew it, but he was takin' all them parts and stitchin' them together, experimentin' on 'em, seein' how long they could last without a warm body to be attached to. And he were makin' men out of the parts he took, attachin' 'em to dead bodies he stole somehow under cover of night. We never did figure out how he done that. And he'd make those stitched-together horrible... things - he made 'em get up and walk around."

You say, "I saw it with my own eyes, swear to Serafina."

Florenza comments, "Disgusting in more than one way."

Speaking to Florenza, you say, "'ventually, all his dark experiments got outta hand. They broke out and overrun the ship. After that, it was every man for himself. But I got away, clingin' to a barrel that was thrown overboard. I lived off a little bit of rainwater and turtle blood and whatever luck Nereia graced me with, but I made it back to shore, damn it."

Speaking to Florenza, you say, "Them things sailed off with the ship, and ain't no one ever seen it since."

Florenza blinks.

Speaking to you, Florenza quietly says, "Well, I'm glad you made it."

You nod in agreement.

You say, "And I swear by all the powers that be I'll never again trust a ship's surgeon, nor will I sail a company ship. I'm my own man, now."

Florenza nods slowly.

Dylan spits on the ground, a dark cloud seeming to gather over his brow, but it soon passes.

Florenza glances at you.

You smile at Florenza.

Speaking to Florenza, you say, "Ancient history, lass. Like me."

Florenza nods.

You mention, "I saw a lot of good men lose their lives in the name of profit. Whether they were just tryin' to make a livin', and died while someone was profitin' off 'em, or they themselves were chasin' the almighty riln."

Florenza nods to you.

Dylan clicks his tongue and shakes his head. "I always have to stop myself from countin' my money too much. Money ain't nothin', in the end, if ya don't have a life to live."

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