Introducing the Liberi

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Introducing the Liberi

Post by Rias » Sun May 05, 2019 7:33 pm

Those who have spent any amount of time in the Lost Lands know of the Liberi, and know to treat them with extreme caution. They are called many things: brigands, highwaymen, fanatics, crazed madmen driven over the edge by the struggles of living in the Lost Lands. Some suspect they're touched by nether-taint or that they suffer from some degree of resen infestation, or perhaps a less-detectable variant of the Canim curse that causes them to be so aggressive. What all can agree on is that they are a highly dangerous people, and openly hostile to anyone not identifying as Liberi themselves. They have been known to waylay travelers on the roads and clearly value riln and other items of monetary value. They speak their own dialect, making it difficult at best to attempt any negotiations. Perhaps most unsettlingly, rumors persist that the Liberi are made up at least partially of the Undying, which would explain how remarkably bold and aggressive they can sometimes be, and why they can never seem to be gotten rid of.

Known to be broken into several groups populating various areas of the Lost Lands, residents of Porto D'esilio are well aware that one such group is not so far from home: Liberi are known to inhabit the fenlands of the southern plateau a scant few leagues from town. Those with keen eyes are asked to keep watch for Liberi scouts that occasionally snoop around closer to the port town, perhaps gathering information on the activities and schedules of its people, or even looking for exploitable weaknesses in the wall defenses. There have yet to be any moves against the town itself, but the Liberi are becoming steadily bolder in their aggressive activities.

For those less familiar with the situation, Liberi can usually be identified by their tattoos depicting broken chain links.


The Liberi are a new faction of aggressive/hostile Lost Lands inhabitants. I fully expect PCs to frequently clash with them and use their inhabited areas for combat practice and looting of riln and lockboxes. That's what they're there for - not a faction that everyone should be sympathizing with or trying to join. They have their own history and motives, and I'm excited to use them in events, and to introduce some power struggles over various areas and resources through them. For instance: they might occasionally seize control of a mine, or an area with exclusive forage, or whatever. Then it'll be up to the PCs to band together and go reclaim said areas from them.

I'll be interested to see how different people handle these guys, as they're definitely not just mindless infested or nethrim.

As some have already noticed, there's a new fenlands area inhabited by some hostile Liberi to fight. They're more dangerous than most other mobs out there right now, not only because they have some higher numbers, but also because they use half-decent weapons and armor, and even use some (very) basic combat tactics instead of just spamming attacks. (P.S. The area's technically not quiiiite finished yet, but I've almost finished describing it at this point.)

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