Nuum lore questions

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Nuum lore questions

Post by nobody » Mon Mar 14, 2022 8:26 am

I just remembered I had some questions to ask while that Nuum wiki page is being worked on.

The voice chat definitely focused on the curtural pride of the Nuum - do they regularly import art from other cultures or would that be rare? Would they just ignore other cultures' art altogether (ours is best, why even look?) or would they appropriate other culture's art styles (This is based on Huecatn traditional designs, but obviously improved with our sensibilities)?

It was mentioned that the "higher ups" are pretty secretive about their occult things. I'm curious (though it wouldn't have bearing on my characters) how much of that secrecy is attributable to:
(1) to keep the lower castes from learning and/or rising up
(2) the rivals of Nuum outside of Nuum from learning and being competition (economically, militarily, on the race to immortality?) or
(3) keeping rival cities / other aspirants for the seat of Ammun in the dark about how much power and what kinds of power any given individual might have

Or in other words, when these people have nightmares or are feeling paranoid about their secrets getting out, is there any particular scenario of most concern? Does one of them stand out as a biggest threat/most common dread?

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Re: Nuum lore questions

Post by Talyn » Sun Mar 27, 2022 10:41 pm

Are there any creatures respected in Nuum? The desert is a dangerous location, whether it be preserving your body's water or trying to kill what's trying to kill you. This is more for outskirt towns none of the ones greatly protected from Arcane arts. (I've been reading a lot of DUNE recently and it's making me want to do some ideas that I have from that cause it's awesome. Not so much, Sandworms but I wouldn't cry if there are sandworms) (There are brown wyrms which I forgot about but it makes me happy)

This question was asked during the previous Voice chat and was answered to an extent. Animals while not so much animal spirits are something human beings relate to or idolize. Egyptians had gods with the heads of animals, Oris, Anubis, etc. While Nuum is like Egypt, I 100% understand it's NOT Egypt, but the question still stands if any creature might be feared, respected, and so oh. Much like the Brown Wyrms of the Brownlands or perhaps Scarabs, or even the hawk.
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