Giganti lore (place holder post)

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Giganti lore (place holder post)

Post by nobody » Wed Dec 02, 2020 10:31 am

This post is recording lore from discord. I'll delete it when the lore is on the wiki, but this is a convenient holding place for the less-discord inclined.
bonehead wrote:Hey @Rias, How large/small are Giganti clans usually?
Rias wrote:@Bonehead Giganti clans come in all sizes. There could be a tiny clan with two people, though they'd not be taken seriously by anyone until they grew and had some deeds to their name. This is usually done by people that previously belonged to defeated clans, or left their previous clan due to some kind of falling-out or being kicked out. It's an uphill battle getting any serious recognition from that point, but it's possible. Individuals that frequently try to start new clans or "clan-hop" virtually always end up looked down upon and treated as outcasts with no sense of pride, belonging, or loyalty, so it's not something to be done lightly like starting a new club or guild or something.

Other clans are absolutely enormous and can even encompass multiple smaller sub-clans. Jernmeis would be the prime example of this. In such cases people are typically loyal to their personal clan first, then to their parent clan - though that's not an official rule or anything, it's just how things tend to go, and one should always be aware that doing wrong by your parent clan in the interest of your personal clan is almost certainly not going to go well for you (but Giganti are notoriously proud and stubborn, so it happens anyway). These parent/child clan situations are usually the result of the parent clan conquering the child clan but the conqueror not necessarily wanting to take them wholly into their own clan, so they make them a sub-clan. These can also be results of negotiated unions between clans to bolster their combined strength and influence but again not wanting to necessarily combine wholly into a single clan, and there's always going to be one clan considered the greater. How much autonomy the child clans have varies from case to case. It's kind of a loose system over there where might makes right, so cases can change based on the whims of the strongest. Singular "pure" clans are often looked upon more favorably by Giganti just as a cultural thing, but there's no denying the effectiveness of these greater clans combining child clans to their influence, wealth, and manpower.

I feel like Jernmeis is quietly criticized or even scorned by a good number of other clans due to their large number of sub-clans. Like their strength and influence isn't as true because it's spread out among so many other sub-clans. But again, can't deny the effectiveness of sheer, staggering numbers. I imagine there are a lot of people/clans out there trying to come up with some way to break up Jernmeis and topple them so a "real" clan can take the throne of the Mountain King. They've got their work cut out for them.

And by "quietly" I mean the Giganti version of "quietly", which is pretty much toeing the line of outright insult and challenges to conflict.

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Re: Giganti lore (place holder post)

Post by Rias » Wed Dec 02, 2020 11:26 am

I updated the wiki page (with some minor rephrasing), but we may as well leave this topic so people can see just what new info was added.

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