Article on Knights Templar

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Article on Knights Templar

Post by Rias » Sat Dec 19, 2020 4:07 pm

There's some info on the order of the Knights Templar which can be seen here on the wiki or in-game by typing HELP TEMPLAR.

They've clearly had a rough time of it lately, and are not as present or accessible as they were in "the other game". A couple clarifying notes:
- There is no in-game Templar organization that can be joined. A character wishing to somehow find and join them someday as part of their backstory or motivation or life goals is fine, but just understand it won't actually happen in the game. (I recommend Wyrvardn for such people, once that Society is implemented in-game.)
- There's a lot of intentional mystery regarding the Templar organization and its status at this point, so please refrain from including Templar in character backstories or anything else that would amount to assuming a character knows or has interacted with one of their order. Suspecting someone they knew or met may have secretly been a Templar is fine.

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