Crowdsourcing IC News - looking for volunteers

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Crowdsourcing IC News - looking for volunteers

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We talked about this a bit on the #game channel, and I figured I'd make it a post. I was thinking about making a little in-game newspaper people could read with little micro-articles in it. This would be a great way to not only help the world feel more alive, but also to spread information about recent events, both foreground and particularly background stuff.

However, I'm trying to be better at managing my plate of things to do. So to that point: Would anyone be interested in volunteering to write some little micro-articles based on a single-line prompt? And I do mean "micro" - they can be a single paragraph. This is essentially the 'skimming over the newspaper' version of the information. Though, if someone feels moved to be particularly verbose, they can write something longer, but I don't want anyone to feel overwhelmed. The whole point of this is to have some frequent easy-to-produce and easy-to-read content. So keep it simple!

Example prompts might be:
- Shadgard: Hearth & Home replaces inefficient wood-burning stoves with steam radiators
- Shadgard: Residents with homes near steam pipe conduits complain about noise; hissing steam, metal clanking
- Shadgard: Straggling group of infested make move on town gatehouse, quickly put down by gate guards & militia; no casualties on Shadgard side
- Shadgard: Concerns over extended cold weather
- Shadgard: Citizen concerned over lack of recent contact from gravekeeper: "Adalmund used to come to my market stall from time to time for some basic supplies. He was eccentric but I considered him a friend."
- Mistral Lake: Canim residents demand equal rights
- New Emberlight: Rumors of ghost ship sightings in Bay of Souls

Please note:
- This is volunteer work that will be uncompensated beyond seeing your work in the game (which I think is a pretty cool opportunity, but that's just me)
- Submitted content may be altered or added to without notice
- Feel free to leave unknown details blank for staff to fill in. I realize a lot of background world lore us not available to players, so it's fine to write about a more general idea and staff can spruce it up.
- These articles are presumably written by NPCs in Shadgard, not your player characters. I'm asking for the help of players here, not their characters. (Though having an occasional piece written by a player character could be neat!)
- These are meant to be unbiased, non-opinion articles. I don't want to stir any drama intentionally or unintentionally, so keep the tone politically neutral. There may be exceptions to this which will be clearly noted.
- Don't claim an article until you're ready to actually commit to writing it. There will be a time limit after which the article will become "un-claimed".

Anyone interested, please send an email to with the subject of "COGG Volunteer Journalism" and include your account name in the body of the email please. I'll need that to assign your account the proper role so it can see a list of articles needing to be written on the account screen, and be able to claim one
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