Roleplay NOMINATE updates

Give your fellow roleplayers some kudos.
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Roleplay NOMINATE updates

Post by Rias » Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:04 pm

First of all: For those who don't know already, you can use the NOMINATE command to nominate another character for roleplay that impressed you. Whether it was their eloquent writing, their ability to convey an interesting character, their leading an engaging player-run event, or just some sincere efforts on the part of someone who's still breaking into roleplaying and giving it their darndest, give them a nomination to help encourage them as well as give them a little bonus to the experience they earn while the award is in effect. (The experience bonuses last for a certain amount of points and are not time-based, so don't feel pressured into using it up right away.)

As to the actual updates: The REASON keyword is now required as part of the nominate syntax, since it is now based on the names you assign to people, and these names can sometimes be multiple words. For example, if I met someone and named them Dana the Dastardly, I would nominate them like this:

nominate Dana the Dastardly REASON She conveyed such an excellent dastardly presence in the last town hall meeting and really made it interesting.

(I could also just specify Dana, or just Dastardly - it doesn't have to be the entire name verbatim. Above is just for example's sake.)

The other update to the nominate system is that when a nomination is fulfilled and the recipient gets the RPA (RolePlay Award) as a result, they will be notified that they have received the bonus for being nominated by a fellow player. (The reason given by the one who nominated them is not included - that's just information for the GMs.) If nominee was offline when their nomination was fulfilled, they will be notified when they next log in. The intent here is to further encourage roleplay by letting people know that their fellow players are appreciating their efforts. And when you get those warm fuzzies from a nomination alert, also let it remind you to be ready with your own NOMINATE the next time someone else impresses you so you can pass it on.

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Re: Roleplay NOMINATE updates

Post by alila » Fri Oct 22, 2021 9:43 am


I love nominate; nominate is the best. But is there any reason why the reason section is not shown to the nominated player? Maybe it could be nice to allow the nominator to choose whether or not their reason is sent along with the nomination? It would always be shown to the gms, of course.

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