Account registration and password recovery

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Account registration and password recovery

Post by artus » Sun Mar 28, 2021 7:49 am

Hello guys
I have no mean of communication right now aside from asking people on clok to relay message over to cogg for me, which I figure I shouldn't do provided I have no idea how many of us are on both muds now.
When creating account, the email isn't asked in the process. And even though it can be added later, it doesn't guarantee if someone as forgetful as me (or someone else) to forget to add it. For some reason, I can't log in to my account anymore now even though I get the password right. And I have no email set for the account to recover it. I'm not sure where to send my support request to either iven I just joined yesterday.
If anyone can give me a hand, please. I'd love to be back on again. I don't know why my account does that. I'm absolutely sure my pw was right when I tried it. Any combination, even the misspelling of it, didn't work.
thank you in advance.

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Re: Account registration and password recovery

Post by Rias » Sun Mar 28, 2021 8:30 am

I set the account email to the one I've used to communicate with you. I then used the RECOVER command on the account, so you should have received an email with a temporary password to log in with. Immediately use the PASSWORD command upon login to update your regular password. If you have further issues, you can email with the details.

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