Contingency Planning

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Contingency Planning

Post by Rias » Tue Jan 12, 2021 6:27 pm

As a general contingency measure, I've granted some higher permissions (not full admin) on the COGG server, in-game, and on various parts of the site to a friend of mine who has experience with running servers and websites and other such fun stuff. Toki, AKA "strwbrryprjct", is an experienced server admin, fellow privacy advocate, and friend of many years. If something goes wrong with the game or site and I'm not available at the time for whatever reason, she has some tools to try and get things fixed up. She's also been helping me implement better alert systems (to reach us out-of-game if something does happen), harden up server security, and improve my backup tools.

She'll be mostly behind the scenes, but if you see someone named Toki (or strwbrryprjct) responding to issues or emergency situations, now you all know who that is.

P.S. While I did mention she's a fellow privacy advocate, I'm happy to address any privacy concerns that may come up from this. Here's COGG's privacy policy: ... acy_policy

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