Bug 4787 - Cannot Specify Sewing or Weaving in Recipe Info

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Bug 4787 - Cannot Specify Sewing or Weaving in Recipe Info

Post by Onasaki » Wed Oct 13, 2021 5:57 am

So, this has been a bit if a problem for me for a while. I think I bug reported it once, but it might not be priority, but it's still something that's very annoying.

It boils down to this:

recipe info duffel bag, as well as several other crafts that share a type between Weaving and Tailoring always defaults to the weaving recipe over the tailoring recipe. There is no way to differentiate when looking for specific recipes of a certain craft.

Code: Select all

=== Knit ===
   belt        gloves      shawl
   blanket     loincloth   socks
   body towel  mittens     tabard
   cap         poncho      tea cozy
   chest-wrap  pouch       tote
   duffel bag  scarf       vest

  === Sew ===
   bandage      duffel bag   shawl
   belt         leggings     skirt
   blanket      loincloth    socks
   blouse       loose shirt  stockings
   body towel   mittens      tabard
   breeches     neckerchief  tights
   cap          pants        tote
   cape         poncho       trousers
   chest-wrap   pouch        tunic
   cloak        quilt        vest
   dress        scarf
As you can see, there are names here that are exactly the same.

Code: Select all

recipe info vest
Information on the vest recipe (knit):

A sleeveless garment to be worn over a shirt or similar.
It is a medium-sized item, mainly made of (material).
It can be worn in the vest inventory slot.

   Skill(s) required: Weaving (0)
   The following additional components are required to craft this item:
      - a skein of yarn (x10)
   Steps: 16
   Considering your current skill, you figure you could achieve the following quality:
      Weaving: average(+0)
And this is what I receive when I try to check for a specific category.

Code: Select all

recipe info sew vest
Couldn't find any recipe matching "sew vest"

recipe info sewing vest
Couldn't find any recipe matching "sewing vest"

recipe info trailor vest
Couldn't find any recipe matching "trailor vest"
I know there are probably ways around this, but as it stands, it's extremely frustrating to craft anything when I have to guess how much I need of stuff despite there being a command that should show me.

Maybe if we can't get it to specify craft, we can at least get it to echo both crafts at the same time when you check the recipe for one. So it'll just show all the recipes with the same keyword.
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