Tactics: guardian

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Tactics: guardian

Post by Dennis » Mon Apr 05, 2021 5:46 pm

I ran into some issues with group play using tactics: guardian today.
A focus on defense, shield use for both offense and defense, and guarding one's allies.
OOC description: (A tactic granting a passive chance to intercept attacks on all group members, a chance to counterattack when blocking or parrying, and increased defenses at a slight penalty to offense.)
Usage: tactic guardian. Only one tactic can be used at a time.
Tactic armor encumbrance reductions:
heavy: 30%
It looks like tactics guardian is not passively intercepting attacks on all group members, as I went through quite a few combat rounds without a passive intercept.
Simultaneously, when I started to guard an ally, I stopped using my block stat and only used my dodge statistic, which was significantly worse than block.

This was after I actively declared guarding.
** You intercept an attack on a short wiry platinum-blond-haired youthful man with fair skin and hazel eyes! **
An infested marauder swings at a short wiry platinum-blond-haired youthful man with fair skin and hazel eyes with her flint hammer! Melee(d220):124 vs Dodge(d176(-3+[1]x)):67 = 57 (25%)
19 crush damage (right arm)
Incoming standard attacks on me still use my block as it should.
An infested marauder swings at you with her pine cudgel! Melee(d220(-2x)):33 vs Block(d174(4+[1]x)):133 = -100 (-45%)
>>Eng E:194 B:13 Enc:1 Mrl:+4.91 Ntr:57% Guarding Exp:9%
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Re: Tactics: guardian

Post by Rias » Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:05 am

Hmmm. Considering what Tactics: Guardian already does and now that it's considered a baseline ability for its class, I may split the guarding of all other group members into its own ability complete with an on/off toggle.

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