Misc. Impressions

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Misc. Impressions

Post by Emda » Mon Oct 19, 2020 3:42 pm

At the login message's behest, this is a collection of impressions and feedback on the game. There's a suggestion or two in here but nothing I think that warrants its own thread. I'm new to Cogg's codebase, having heard of Clok but only having played it for an hour or so years and years and years ago.

  • What a fantastic game. This feedback isn't substantive at all but it is so fun.
  • This was pretty straightforward and easy to get through, which is a plus. The one misgiving I have kinda had in retrospect is that permanently deciding your attribute based on the little snippet you get on each one, if you aren't familiar with the game and system, seems like a big decision with little context. You only really start learning which skills and abilities tie into your character's defining attribute once you're out in the field, so it might be nice to be able to leave that unset and make a choice after you've played awhile.
Help System/Resources
  • Newbie Channel
    I have read the thread about taking #ooc/etc out of the game and get where the line of thought is coming from, but I find not having an in-game way to quickly ask a syntax-related question a burden. I'm probably a little more permissive when it comes to in-game channels than most because I tend to pull them into a side-window I can ignore easily, and I know not everyone wants to or can do that, but I still think an in-game channel solely for asking questions about mechanics is convenient. The discord server is nice, and everyone on it is helpful and great, but (to me) it isn't the same and certainly adds a few steps to getting help sometimes.
  • Helpfiles
    There are a handful of commands I've come across that don't have helpfiles associated with them. Some of them are documented in-depth if you just send the command itself (say, emote), but some others aren't (follow, light, etc). For the former case, I think the files might be a good fallback because I think help is more ingrained as a first-approach to learn than the empty syntax. For the latter case, it can make finding the way to undo the command (extinguish, leave) a bit like shooting in the dark. Also, entering an invalid command points you to the 'help commands' file, which doesn't exist.

    I'm a fan of systems that expose the commands that can affect an item when you examine them, but I'm sure that can be a headache to implement depending on how commands are structured. Going back to the candle example, I noticed you can examine one to see the 'light' command, but when you light it (and prior) you won't see 'extinguish'.

    I know how tedious it can be to keep helpfiles up in the middle of active development and changes and things, but I think some or all of the above'd go a long way for some.
    Is there a list of social emotes anywhere? I tried to fold a letter earlier and hugged the life out of it.
  • I absolutely love this system. I cannot get over how much I like it. I can't speak for other storytellers but I find I usually think out which elements I want to put in the story before I start telling it, so I'd appreciate if the storytell command could accept all the elements at once and then queue through them each 10RT to save a lot of typing.

    When the ability to give buffs to people is implemented it might be neat to have the buffs you convey tied to what storytelling elements you feed them, and by necessity not tied to the crowd's tastes in that particular room. I like the idea of tailoring a story to warfare and valor for fighters, or diligence/perseverance for farmers, but mainly I just don't want to try and bolster my friends' spirits with an inspiring tale of the princess and the stableboy sneaking off to the laundry room just because the crowd's drunk and lecherous at the time.

    Are there any plans for an ability to lend inspiration to allies, or push yours onto them? I haven't done any combat and don't have any idea where balance stands or anything, but thematically I like the idea of being able to compound the morale on allies with something inspiring to make them do better and such.

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Re: Misc. Impressions

Post by Rias » Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:34 pm

Thank you so much for your feedback. Kind words definitely increase my own morale and drive to work on the game, and constructive criticisms and suggestions certainly make it easier for me to develop a game people can enjoy. This game wouldn't be a fraction of what it is now without all the valuable feedback I've gotten along the way.

The idea for the ability to put off primary attribute choice is a pretty good one. I could definitely see that being a thing. I think I'll to-do that.

I've considered the possibility of an in-game questions-only chat. I'll continue to consider, as it's been suggested a few times.

Lots of good suggestions on helpfiles and adding some overlooked command prompts on examining items (like the ability to EXTINGUISH lit items. P.S. DOUSE works too).

I'm glad you like the storytelling system! I'm pretty happy with how it worked out, even if I'd like to somehow add more layers to it eventually. I really wanted to make it dynamic in some way, and require some independent observation and deduction on the player's part. I've tried to think of good ways to tie buffs into storytelling performances based on the elements used. This would include the ability to storytell outside designated storytelling areas, or maybe just use a different command but the same list of elements? Either way, I want to see this idea become a reality somehow.

I like the idea of giving Bards some means of aiding their party based on their Inspiration they've built up for themselves. Hmmm. I'll have to mull over just how they might accomplish that.

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