Current Bugged/Missing Mechanics

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Current Bugged/Missing Mechanics

Post by Karjus » Tue Jul 30, 2019 12:26 am

Personally I can never remember what exactly I've bugged or not in regards to some of the stuff in Cogg, so I thought I'd string up a thread specifically in regards to mechanics/systems that either are in progress/buggy for whatever reason along with feedback. Whether this will be actually useful to you, I don't know! Fully intend to shelve my Adventurer to try a Scholar (Warlock) in a day or two as well. Try out the Ranged Combat.

-Aim currently does not add any RT to attacks, nor does it seem to help direct them. Help Aim also flags up a missing article.
-There is currently no Energy Loss for being attacked, unless you Fend off the attack. I actually rather like the lack of energy loss, and I actually feel that when hunting I actually do that instead of sitting around waiting for energy recovery. However, it was one of the things used to balance armor in Clok and I can understand that need. Having one effect energy/one not (a fend vs attack) is funky though
-Ranged Combat unlike Melee has no "Fend" ability currently which seems a bit odd.
-Ambushing/Sniping doesn't seem to lower Target defenses, and due to roundtime lets them attack back immediately.


-Tactics: Dreadnought currently doesn't lower defenses as stated in the description.
-Blur adds Dodge skill which depending on your build, might do absolutely nothing for you at all. When creating defensive buffs, have you considered something like "It adds X Dodge, or a Y "Generic" Defense, whichever would offer the best in the situation."
-Treasure Scavenge is pretty fun but it mostly seems to return the same quality of loot regardless of the area. Could the stuff you find be scaled to reflect area challenges?

-Arcana cannot be practiced by non-Scholars.
-Linguistics cannot be practiced by non-Scholars.
-Light Armor & Heavy Armor skills currently offer no benefits.
-Climbing, Swimming & Perception all currently have auto-practicing.

-Not enough Enchanted Wicker Baskets

-Sniping with Sorcery does not practice Stealth. Fixed!
-Infested Vagrants will not search if they're sniped, as long as the player didn't stealth in front of them. Fixed!

Will try and keep this edited.

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